About Me

Oh you just missed only 3 seconds!

Natasha coming soon on a secret mission to planet mars.

When I return back to earth?

I’m going to reveal all my experiences on this very page.

It’s going to be a joy to read. Don’t miss it!

It’s going to be called “Natasha’s Secret Weapons of mass destruction.”

Calm down please…

I know, you’re going to be extremely excited!

You’ll learn more about my inner circles, my encounter with the stubborn Mugabe, Trumps hair, the games men play like Harvey Weinstein stuff, aggressive wife beaters from Yemen, Brexit lies, and the money makers (lots of it!)…And even the aha moments!

Can’t wait to let the cat out of the bag…


Natasha no longer receives calls between 10 am-14 Pm. As part a new policy to safe the environment. Kidding!